08/13/2014 Half Way There

Open field

I now have four more scenery images to design.  Today, I also finished another sprite.  Digital artwork, while I am not there, is getting easier to do.  I am feeling really happy right now.  Listening to the advice from a few posts back, I decided to put an underwater effect after coloring in the scene.  Using underwater references really did help a lot.

I made a deadline for this visual novel, but I refuse to tell anyone what that deadline is.  Not only do I need to finish the game by then, but I need to make business cards as well.  Last time I was at an anime convention, I was asked for business cards a few times.  I already have an idea for the mascot character, so this will be fun.

Last blog post, I might have mentioned signing up for Conceptart.org.  I did sign up but I will end up posting my realistic work on Cgartnexus.com instead.  There are a ton of useful advice on Conceptart.org, so it is worth looking at the tutorials available.

Lastly, the more I write for Ashes and Androids, my Science Fantasy boyXboy visual novel, the more I begin to understand where I want to go with the story.  I have not done the worldbuilding in a while but simply writing the story is helping me understand the world I set the story in.


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