All Traditional Work is Done for Trapped (GXB)

Trapped GXB Visual Novel

About a month ago, I said that I was redrawing the  scenes for my visual novel.  Well, I have not only done that but I have also redrawn the special scenes that are only available according to the romantic choice the reader chooses.  I was going to draw a scene for the bad ending but decided not to.  Making the bad ending seem plain, might encourage the reader to get the other endings.

Some Rough Sketches

work 004                            work 005

The story and sprites are done.  

Ashes BXB Visual Novel 

Also…..I have been writing a rough draft for a BXB Science Fantasy visual novel.  Call this a case of ADD but writing is easier to do than drawing when I am on the go.  The visual novel will have four pairings and take place on a fictional planet.  I will post artwork for this visual novel when I am done with Trapped and am finished with Ashes’ worldbuilding and rough draft; as well as some serious anatomy practicing.


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