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I’m a writer, drawer, and programer starting with Ren’py and Flash games. I focus on making story focused game rich with romance, world building, and three dimensional characters.
Dark Siren Games is my website. darksirengames@gmail.com is my email address.

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GXB Ren’py Visual Novel Captured is Done

DOWNLOAD LINKS DOWN BELOW: PC      MAC       Linux ——————————————————————————————- Summary: Captured is a Girl X Boy visual novel where a mermaid named Amanti is at that age where she should learn magic. However, her adoptive mother, Unette, refuses to teach her. Amanti decides to find a place to think but winds up captured and […]

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Killing Procrastination and Receiving Help

Death to Procrastination It seems that I can not work on my visual novel at home.  There are too many distractions at home.  I now understand why some people have offices outside of their homes.  I’ve been working on Captured at various libraries, Starbucks, and even my boyfriend’s house. It is crazy how much progress […]

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The First 10 Minutes of Captured

I uploaded another YouTube video.  This time, this is the first ten minutes of Captured instead of another painting video.  I would like any feedback.   And no.  The Dark Siren Games’ logo is not apart of the visual novel.  You can leave feedback here, on YouTube, or Twitter.  I’ll be able to see the feedback that […]

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Getting Back into a Project After a Long Hiatus (Vlog)

I decided to do something different here and talk while I draw something random.  For those that love Vid.me over YouTube, you can watch the video on Vid.me here. Now to start reading through Captured and continue working on it, so I can finish this visual novel.   Where you can also find me: https://www.instagram.com/darksirengames/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DarkSirenGames […]

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The Sprites for Captured

So I resized these sprites in Photoshop.  I still have one more to fix.  I MIGHT redo that sprite or I might leave the sprite as is.  I’ll make that choice in the next few days. Captured’s Sprites

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I’m working on the Bryan sprite for Captured. I might be able to resize this sprite and just insert him in.  So far, none of his sprites look too blurry when I try to resize any of them.  Blurriness after resizing the sprites was a problem with the last two sprites. I’ve fixed another sprite […]

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Correcting Sprites and Family

It’s getting hard to update frequently while I’m correcting the sprites for my visual novel Captured. I just uploaded my a new YouTube video ten minutes ago.  This one is about making a visual novel while dealing with family expectations.  I do appreciate the feedback that I get while doing creative things.  I hope to […]

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10/28/2016: More Work on the Story

So far, since I’ve last updated, I have been working on the story still.  I have made some new changes and I finally figured out what to do with the missing day.  Now I am going to start implementing the character artwork.  I am having a problem inserting the character sprites.  I believe it’s because […]

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08/15/2016 Update: A New YouTube Video

This is the latest video that I have done on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/darksirengames I talk about game design documents and Captured’s progress in general.  I am slowly figuring out what I want on my YouTube channel.  Hopefully, I can update the channel more often.  However, I am more concerned with finishing Captured this year.

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Update 6/23/2017: Updating the Story and YouTube Channel

I haven’t updated this blog in a while.  That does not mean that I have not been working on Captured.  I would like to make a YouTube video in relations to how I’m working on my visual novel.  It has also been a while since I updated my Dark Siren Game’s YouTube channel.  I’m also gathering […]

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