Starting on Another Sprite

A few days ago, I finished the Nindel sprite.  Yesterday I started working on another sprite.  This character is related to Nindel and will only be seen during his path.  As of right now, I only have her base colors done.  

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Nindel Sprite is Done

Finally done with another sprite for Trapped. Unlike Bryan, Nindel isn’t very emotional and has six emotion sprites (less than the other characters). Three sprites more to go.  

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Nindel Sprite In Progress and Still Choosing Paper Over Microsoft Word

I don’t know why but I finally came up with the idea to update this website weekly or biweekly. Below is the fourth sprite of Trapped; Nindel the merman and the last possible romantic interest in Trapped.   This is currently the base and I need to add the emotions for him.  I think I did a little […]

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Nindel Sprite In the Process

With Bryan’s sprite done, next up is Nindel.  Nindel is the merman who is also trapped inside of the tank with Amenti. I might look up a line art tutorial before doing work on Nindel.  MAYBE make him a little bit thicker.  Maybe….     Doing emotions for sprites has been getting easier.  Emotions have […]

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Bryan Sprite is Finished

  Emotions left to right: default, angry, happy, sad, surprised, annoyed, blushing 1, blushing 2 Bryan is one of the possible romance options for the protagonist Amenti in my visual novel Trapped. He is a young scientist in the undersea lab where Amenti is being held captive. Three down, four more sprites to go. I […]

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Bryan Work in Progress

So it’s been awhile since I have updated.  Currently this is what I for the next sprite for Trapped: Bryan. The full shading and highlighting should be done this week.  The emotions will be done the next week after this week.  I need to stop wondering how to do better line art and coloring.  I’m more focused […]

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Remember a long time ago, I said I was going to have a programing/character artist job? Well this was for a video game company with a about five people. The company does have an official and licensed name but the members hardly come together to work on anything. The only activities that ever happen are […]

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Trapped Update: Sprite Sketches

This is a short update.  I sat down and designed the remaining sprites for Trapped.  Unfortunately I drew the sprites out on paper.  This visual novel has a total of 8 sprites (main character, two love interests, five side characters).  I would like to get the hang of drawing completely on the computer someday, instead of starting first with paper.   When […]

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Unette’s Sprite is Done

Just finished another sprite today. I am getting used to working in Photoshop Creative Suite 6. I am still going to look at few Photoshop and line art tutorials before working on the next sprite.   Emotions left to right are outraged, angry, shock, sad, happy, and default (neutral). Unette is the foster mother of […]

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Facebook Page and Other Social Networking Sites

    I just made a Facebook page today while doing sprite work.  On this Facebook page there will be folders (rough sketches, sprites, etc) for each visual novel I am currently working on, posts from my newly created Youtube account, and posts sharing what I am doing at the moment. Why did I make a Facebook page?  Well there […]

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