A must have for indie game developers

A Very Important Book for Me

Before I attempted developing indie games two years ago,  I had no sense of direction at all.  The Indie Game Development Survival Guide not only gave me direction but also things to think about. Indie Game Development Survival Guide I had no idea what a game design document was until I read this book.  Neither did […]

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Working on Second Sprite of Trapped

It is a nice feeling going deeper into developing Trapped, my first visual novel. The second sprite’s name is Unette and she is the adoptive mother of the main character Amenti.  Her emotions will be… Defualt Mad Outraged Sad Embarrassed Happy

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Who Am I?

I know there are newcomers to this website who found this website through other means aside from my blogspot.  I believe a reintroduction is in order. I am an individual who loves writing, anime, drawing, and video games.  At one point in time I desired to join a video game company and design mainstream video […]

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The First Post

I decided to let people see this website and not wait until I was finally done making the whole site.  What is more important than the design of the website is the content and functionality of the website.   So far I have everything that I could want or do with this website so far.  The […]

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