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Finishing Rough Drafts and Rewriting Captured

In the Meanwhile… While finishing the artwork for Captured, I completed a rough draft for a fantasy BXB visual novel for National Novel Writing Month in 2014.  I have just completed a Science Fantasy BXB visual novel script without the motivation of a challenge.  Both scripts are being reviewed by offline English Nazi yaoi fans […]

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Second Special Scene is Done

  Above is my speed painting process through the whole thing.  Comments are always appreciated.

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Working on My Next Special Scene

Of course this is being recorded and is going to be on my Youtube channel this month…hopefully.  I plan on releasing a video for my Youtube channel once every month.  I am very happy with this image.  I think I have improved over the years.  To think I only have four images left to do, amazes me. […]

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The YouTube Channel is Up!

Just like last post, I said I was going to make a Youtube channel, and now the first video is up.  If you want to see how I draw and color, please look at my channel. Of course, I am open to any input, advice, constructive criticism, whatever.

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Some More Additions (music)

Hello guys.  I am currently working on finishing the rest of the artwork for Trapped.  Music has always been an issue for me.  On the video where I experimenting with ren’py for the first time, I forgot to add music. This post is not about me asking for someone to do some music for me.  I […]

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National Novel Writing Month

  November is almost over.  On the first day of November was the start of National Novel Writing Month. National Novel Writing Month is when a person sits down and writes 50,000 words in one month.  If using Ariel font and 12 sized font, then that is roughly 118 pages.  This is a rewarding challenge […]

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09/06/2014 The Laboratory Outside

  There’s multiple versions of this background, so I might take a while on this one.

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08/20/2014 Dolphin Sprite

  This cute little guy is only seeable on one of the endings for Trapped.  I just wanted to show him. Now I’m off to practice drawing real anatomy.

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Second Background Image Done

  It took a while sadly but I’m done with my second background image.  I learned that pressing alt while clicking with the mouse, will automatically pick a color.  The second thing I learned was that I can’t merge multiple overlay files together.  I had to put these files into a group and then convert […]

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Update 6/25/2014

This is the most recent progress drawing:I’m getting back to my project. I’m amazed at the progress I did with a full time job.Rpg Maker VX AceRPG Maker VX Ace was on sale for two days on steam. Rpg Maker Vx Ace is a game engine used to make traditional JRPG’s.  Like Ren’py there are […]

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