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It’s Been a While

Looking back, I see the last post that I’ve posted was in October.  Well I’m back with another YouTube video in which I paint and draw boy and girl twins from a BXB visual novel that’s been in my head for a while.  This video was also created because I felt like I was loosing […]

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One of My Nanowrimo Rewards

All three of these stories were rough drafts.  I created these books thanks to Create Space.  I had a coupon code for two free copies of my book.  Both books have a rough draft for boy X boy (yaoi) fantasy visual novel projects.  Golden Sharks is a M/M fantasy ebook that I am currently writing. […]

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Finishing Rough Drafts and Rewriting Captured

In the Meanwhile… While finishing the artwork for Captured, I completed a rough draft for a fantasy BXB visual novel for National Novel Writing Month in 2014.  I have just completed a Science Fantasy BXB visual novel script without the motivation of a challenge.  Both scripts are being reviewed by offline English Nazi yaoi fans […]

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National Novel Writing Month

  November is almost over.  On the first day of November was the start of National Novel Writing Month. National Novel Writing Month is when a person sits down and writes 50,000 words in one month.  If using Ariel font and 12 sized font, then that is roughly 118 pages.  This is a rewarding challenge […]

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Working on the Next Scene

Progress so Far Sprites done One more background image to go Need to draw 6 Special Scenes Need to proofread and or rewrite story and choices. I still have to think of another tittle for this visual novel. BXB Science Fantasy Visual Novel Progress so Far  Writing the script is really fun since location of […]

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All Traditional Work is Done for Trapped (GXB)

Trapped GXB Visual Novel About a month ago, I said that I was redrawing the  scenes for my visual novel.  Well, I have not only done that but I have also redrawn the special scenes that are only available according to the romantic choice the reader chooses.  I was going to draw a scene for […]

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