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08/13/2014 Half Way There

I now have four more scenery images to design.  Today, I also finished another sprite.  Digital artwork, while I am not there, is getting easier to do.  I am feeling really happy right now.  Listening to the advice from a few posts back, I decided to put an underwater effect after coloring in the scene. […]

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On to the Second Image

This weekend I did a lot of work on my second background image for Trapped.   I decided not to put much effort into the bottom of the background images like I did with the previous image.  What I like the most about doing these background images is that I’m forced to draw things I thought […]

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More Progress Since the Last Post

More Progress for Trapped From upper left to the right and to the bottom are the order of process.  Learning how to make artwork for a visual novel is a new experience for me.  It was brought to my attention that the Ren’py text boxes will be covering the bottom of my artwork.  Something that I […]

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Progress So Far….

Well if you were following my tumblr account you would be able to see my progress on my first background image for Trapped.   Last year, the line art was done for the backgrounds but I decided to redraw and ink all the backgrounds.  Here is the first background so far:      Some Steps: (the final […]

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All Traditional Work is Done for Trapped (GXB)

Trapped GXB Visual Novel About a month ago, I said that I was redrawing the  scenes for my visual novel.  Well, I have not only done that but I have also redrawn the special scenes that are only available according to the romantic choice the reader chooses.  I was going to draw a scene for […]

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Next to Last Sprite

Finally… The next to last sprite is done.

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Next to Last Sprite

So I am finally getting close to having that long sigh of relief.  I am on the next to last sprite for Trapped.  Just like the last sprite,  this character is only shown on one person’s path and this time that is Bryan’s path.   I am looking into a tutorial by Genzoman I found in […]

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Starting on Another Sprite

A few days ago, I finished the Nindel sprite.  Yesterday I started working on another sprite.  This character is related to Nindel and will only be seen during his path.  As of right now, I only have her base colors done.  

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Nindel Sprite is Done

Finally done with another sprite for Trapped. Unlike Bryan, Nindel isn’t very emotional and has six emotion sprites (less than the other characters). Three sprites more to go.  

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Nindel Sprite In Progress and Still Choosing Paper Over Microsoft Word

I don’t know why but I finally came up with the idea to update this website weekly or biweekly. Below is the fourth sprite of Trapped; Nindel the merman and the last possible romantic interest in Trapped.   This is currently the base and I need to add the emotions for him.  I think I did a little […]

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