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I’m working on the Bryan sprite for Captured. I might be able to resize this sprite and just insert him in.  So far, none of his sprites look too blurry when I try to resize any of them.  Blurriness after resizing the sprites was a problem with the last two sprites. I’ve fixed another sprite […]

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Nanowrimo Rewards Expiring

I was sent an email from Nanorwrimo.  This email told me that some of my rewards were going to expire.  One of these rewards were my chances at getting a few hard copies of my rough drafts for free.  So I’m taking part of this month to finish up typing some rough drafts so I […]

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Reading Books is Helpful

I’ve always been told that reading a variety of books is a nice way to gain a lot of knowledge.  A few months back, I decided to review a about Jennifer Hudson on my vlog channel. The book helped me have a better understanding of writing in first-person.  I have been writing in first-person a […]

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Enjoying the Single Life

After ECPI University… I tried to join a few starting video game companies.  For a while, I blogged about my time with my first video game company.  This company had a name already registered, a few people willing to join, and a few marketing deals with a few other companies.  Unfortunately, people within the company […]

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New Image to Work On

This is a traditional version of my next image that I am going to be working on right now.  I’m debating on recording this one or not.

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Facebook Page Activity

So one day I logged on to my Facebook account and received a notification that my Dark Siren Games page got 104 page views.  I barely visit that page so that alert caught me by surprise.  I would like to contribute more often to that page but I’m not sure what to post. What I […]

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Tired of Deviantart and I Post on Tumblr More Often

Tired of Posting on Deviantart  I feel like Deviant art is a place for finished work.  I do appreciate the groups that allow for specific artwork (such as the many English visual novels or art critique groups).  Without those groups, I feel that my artwork will just get a favorite and nothing else.  For those […]

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Happy New Year and Two Goals

Happy New Years Everyone! I have some goals for this year.  I have been posting videos of me talking about something art related on my vlogging channel; especially in this video. One of my goals for this year is to make a youtube channel for Dark Siren Games.  The channel will have me showing my […]

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Some Time After Winning National Novel Writing Month

It’s been some time since I have won National Novel Writing Month.  National Novel Writing Month is an challenge that happens once every November.  This is when a person decides to sit down and write 50,000 words in a month.  I won last year’s nanowrimo and won this year’s challenge again. Next year, I want to […]

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Final Background Image

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