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Going to Busy for a Bit

  Hello guys. I just got a job dealing with Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6 for a bit.  Yep, this is a temporary job that might end earlier then or on November 28, 2014.  Thanks to my last job, I did pretty well with time management.  I hope that this Photoshop job will help me […]

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Doing Things Differently in 2014

The Year 2014 It is finally 2014 and I hope that everyone had a happy New Year.  As with all new years, most people decide to set a few goals or one goal for themselves.  One of my goals is getting two visual novels done this year.  Trapped IS almost finished. Doing Things Differently I am […]

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I’ve Been Busy

  Certifications So I noticed I have not posted here in a while.  I am sorry for my long absence.  I used to update often on this blog, every week.  I have been busy studying for Information Technology certifications such as Network+, Security+, and Windows 7.   School and work and I’m sure everyone gets […]

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Remember a long time ago, I said I was going to have a programing/character artist job? Well this was for a video game company with a about five people. The company does have an official and licensed name but the members hardly come together to work on anything. The only activities that ever happen are […]

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Facebook Page and Other Social Networking Sites

    I just made a Facebook page today while doing sprite work.  On this Facebook page there will be folders (rough sketches, sprites, etc) for each visual novel I am currently working on, posts from my newly created Youtube account, and posts sharing what I am doing at the moment. Why did I make a Facebook page?  Well there […]

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A must have for indie game developers

A Very Important Book for Me

Before I attempted developing indie games two years ago,  I had no sense of direction at all.  The Indie Game Development Survival Guide not only gave me direction but also things to think about. Indie Game Development Survival Guide I had no idea what a game design document was until I read this book.  Neither did […]

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Who Am I?

I know there are newcomers to this website who found this website through other means aside from my blogspot.  I believe a reintroduction is in order. I am an individual who loves writing, anime, drawing, and video games.  At one point in time I desired to join a video game company and design mainstream video […]

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The First Post

I decided to let people see this website and not wait until I was finally done making the whole site.  What is more important than the design of the website is the content and functionality of the website.   So far I have everything that I could want or do with this website so far.  The […]

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