Finishing Rough Drafts and Rewriting Captured

In the Meanwhile…

While finishing the artwork for Captured, I completed a rough draft for a fantasy BXB visual novel for National Novel Writing Month in 2014.  I have just completed a Science Fantasy BXB visual novel script without the motivation of a challenge.  Both scripts are being reviewed by offline English Nazi yaoi fans who are very critical about their literature.  I will start dedicating a lot of time to bettering my drawing skills when it comes to male anatomy.

Finishing Up Captured…

I like to thank everyone who has been keeping up with me throughout the years.  I have finally gotten to rewriting the draft for Captured.  I am making sure that choices make sense and that there are no spelling errors.  My artwork has improved over the years but I am not going to go back and redraw sprites, backgrounds, or scenes.  I will redraw such things in later visual novels if I need to.  The draft was written a year ago, so this will be interesting.


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