Game Development Ideas From Evo

It is always a recommended idea that game developers should play a variety of games.  I happen to have been playing fighting games since I was 8.  It has been two days since I got back from the popular fighting game competition, EVO.  I did pretty well for my first time and I have posted my pictures on my let’s play Facebook page.

Panels and Advertisement


There was an indie game panel in which game developers talked about what they go through as a team or an individual.  I actually have two beta readers, and one of them knows how to work with ren’py.  Most of the time, I am working alone with my visual novel.  Hearing that one of the individual game developer was living on a low budget was a nice idea on how low of income a lot of developers make.  I am not into having one source of income and probably never will.



New York State University

Recently, I have been regretting my decision to go to ECPI University.  Seeing three examples from students who went to New York State University made me even more regretful.  The promoter told me that his students make games with in the first few days of his class.  Some of these games were going on Steam which would probably help the students pay for their school tuition or have extra spending money.  I would like to look into New York State University someday.

There was a Skullgirls and Rise of Incarnations panel.  Both panels advertised their games, like the above picture, and had a lady or guy to explain the game.   I would like to start with anime conventions’ artist alleies in the future and start my way up.

There’s more images from EVO on my Dark Siren Games facebook.

When I arrived home, I found that my luggage was soaked all the way through, since we had to endure some heavy rain.  I would not just put this incident on Southwest Airlines as I’m sure this has happened over other airlines.  The next time I fly out I will buy an aluminum suitcase to avoid stuff like my sketchbook or artwork, I am planing to sell, from getting soaking wet.

Progress so Far 

I have made the decision to join   I am currently figuring out how to navigate around the site, (I don’t see a login or logout button) but I assume that I am logged in.  Knowing the attitude toward anime there, I am only uploading anatomy sketches.  All my stylized drawings and visual novel work will be on my tumblr or deviantart account.

Doing the background images is becoming easier to me.  I don’t see the background images taking too long now.


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