Happy New Year and Two Goals

Happy New Years Everyone!

I have some goals for this year.  I have been posting videos of me talking about something art related on my vlogging channel; especially in this video.

One of my goals for this year is to make a youtube channel for Dark Siren Games.  The channel will have me showing my progress in visual novels and game engines but only when the work I am doing is related to a project I want people to see. There will be progress videos for Bernard’s Secret and Captured.

Drawing random or fanart characters will go on my vlogging channel while speed drawings of characters for my visual novels will go on my Dark Siren Games channel.  Does this makes sense?

Throughout 2014, I brought RPGVXAce, Spriter, and some tutorials for Unity. I also have flash.  There might be videos on those software as well.  Not tutorials but just what I have been doing with the programs.

When Captured is done, I will devote a ton of time to drawing male anatomy and real people in general.  It’s time I make my anatomy in my drawings much better.


About DarkSiren

I'm a writer, drawer, and programer starting with Ren'py and Flash games. I focus on making story focused game rich with romance, world building, and three dimensional characters. Dark Siren Games is my website. darksirengames@gmail.com is my email address.


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