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From time to time, I do post a blog briefly remembering those terrible days where I tried to collaborate with people who wanted to make a video game company in my state.  As one of my friends put it, there were “too many cooks in the kitchen”.  Often those video game ideas would go nowhere (no demos, I drew a ton of character designs, no music, no 3D models, barely anything from everyone else).   Enough about those days.  I shudder at how many years I wasted trying to develop other people’s work and not my own.

I signed up for Cartoon Frederator Network and I was approved the next day.  Channel Frederator Network is a YouTube, Vimeo, or blogging network that only allows voice actors, artists, animators, or people who produce music.  I joined this network so I could help my YouTube channel grow.  As some of you know, I started making YouTube videos  a few months ago.  I have been using YouTube’s library of free downloadable music in order to escape copyright claims.

Joining the Cartoon Frederator Network, I have access to a forum full of other active artists, a database full of music for me to use on my YouTube videos, Google Hangouts, and documents that could help me expand my YouTube channel even further.  I love the idea of being able to reach out to more people with my ideas.

For people that have speed painting videos, animations, and are voice actors (or any other form of an artist), you can join the Cartoon Frederator Network here.  All it will cost you is to put a link to Cartoon Frederator Network channel somewhere on your blog, YouTube page, or Vemeo page.

My next YouTube video with music from Cartoon Frederator’s database is coming soon. The video will be of the last piece of artwork that I need before I start  reworking Captured’s draft.


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