Killing Procrastination and Receiving Help

Death to Procrastination

It seems that I can not work on my visual novel at home.  There are too many distractions at home.  I now understand why some people have offices outside of their homes.  I’ve been working on Captured at various libraries, Starbucks, and even my boyfriend’s house.

It is crazy how much progress I’ve made while working on Captured outside of my house.   The only disadvantage of this is that I need to adhere to the closing times of the coffee shop or library that I’m working in.  I’m a night owl so setting a proper schedule is key for me.


I inserted a lot of sprites into Captured, figured out some coding difficulties, and I’m finishing the special scenes.  There is a sprite that I have to redo because I’m not happy with it.  My artwork has improved throughout the years and I feel that I can do a much better job on this particular sprite.

Help with Music

I have someone working on the music for Captured right now.  Music is not something that I wish to learn in the future, so having someone create music for me is very much appreciated.  I can’t wait to insert the music and give this person proper credit.

Thanks to writing an ebook, I have a better understanding of developing a story.  I will discuss writing more in the future.






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