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      I hope you enjoyed Captured.  Captured was released last month in November.  So far, one person that I know of, played and enjoyed it.  I’m assuming that other people will like it too.
     You can download the visual novel here.
    I am currently studying Mars and developing my anatomy skills for my next visual novel.  I wrote parts of the story, throughout the years, when I couldn’t work on Captured.  Later in development, I’ll revisit the Ren’py tutorial page, and as well the python tutorials I have on Udemy. 
    Working on failed projects with other people has taught me a lot about game development.  I like working alone and having someone supply music for me.  I know that over promising is a bad thing and can make a developer look foolish.  I’ve worked with too many procrastinators in the past, so I work with only a few people.  I’ve seen too many projects fail because people wanted to play other games, instead of working on their own games.
    I won’t mention anything I can’t figure out in Ren’py yet.
   This is the guide that I’m using for world building my next visual novel: 
   I’m not using every bullet point on the list but it has been pretty helpful for me in the past.  Despite my visual novel’s world being set on Mars, the genre is not sci-fi. It’s science fantasy.  I’d like to focus on the fantasy elements a lot more.  
Thankfully, Mars is a popular subject.  There’s numerous information on the red planet circling the web already.  Creating my own version of a terraformed Mars could not be easier now.
   It’s important to note that I’m working on a BoyXBoy visual novel where the protagonist has a defined relationship, role, and personality already.  I don’t like designing a list of potential love interests for the player to pick, and I’m bored of choosing from a list of potential love interests in visual novels too.  
    My main focus is bettering my anatomy skills right now.  I found some nice tutorials start one. There’s so many good tutorials online than there was in the past.  It was hard to make a choice with YouTube, Twitch, Udemy, Google, DeviantArt, and so on.  This blog will become an art blog for a few months.
    As usual, I like feedback so feel free to leave some down below.  
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I'm a writer, drawer, and programer starting with Ren'py and Flash games. I focus on making story focused game rich with romance, world building, and three dimensional characters. Dark Siren Games is my website. is my email address.
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