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November is almost over.  On the first day of November was the start of National Novel Writing Month. National Novel Writing Month is when a person sits down and writes 50,000 words in one month.  If using Ariel font and 12 sized font, then that is roughly 118 pages.  This is a rewarding challenge that I have managed to take on in 2013 and finish.

This year, I want to make the story I’m currently writing into my next visual novel.  The visual novel will be BxB but, for right now, I am working on the main story and not the romantic choices eyt.  Here is a summary that is a work in process:

“Rey was rescued from a car filled with water, when he was twelve. His mother was never found. The experience left him desiring to find his mother who he knows survived the incident. She told him that he must find the seashell and kill his humanity if he wishes to become whole. Anyone has been told this on the island, have become murderous monsters upon their eighteenth year.”

You can follow my Indie Author Tiffany  website in order to see my progress.


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