On to the Second Image

This weekend I did a lot of work on my second background image for Trapped.  

Rooms4AmentiandNinde1l Rooms4AmentiandNindel2

I decided not to put much effort into the bottom of the background images like I did with the previous image.  What I like the most about doing these background images is that I’m forced to draw things I thought I would never have to draw in my life.  One of those things is scenery.  The next step is for me to start adding more detail and texture.

Keep giving me feedback for the first image.  I’m using what was said in that post and applying it to this picture.

Ashes BXB Development Progress

I did some concept art of the main character and explained this story to a few people face to face. So far, people are liking my ideas.  I just hope I can execute my ideas well.



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