One of My Nanowrimo Rewards

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For a BXB Science Fantasy visual novel


2 stories in one: Bernard’s Secret (BXB VN) and Golden Sharks (an ebook)

All three of these stories were rough drafts.  I created these books thanks to Create Space.  I had a coupon code for two free copies of my book.  Both books have a rough draft for boy X boy (yaoi) fantasy visual novel projects.  Golden Sharks is a M/M fantasy ebook that I am currently writing.

Last month took a lot of dedication to collect all of writing from various notebooks and combine those writings into various documents.  I will now store these books into a cabinet and read them after finishing Captured.  Why was I working on these books?  Well, the coupon code was going to expire last month; that’s why.

After reading a bit of Bernard’s Secret, I will say this, do not attempt to type a story out with SIRI.  I used the voice recording software on my iPhone in order to meet the deadline for nanowrimo.  A majority of the writing is hard to read.


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