Reading Books is Helpful

I’ve always been told that reading a variety of books is a nice way to gain a lot of knowledge.  A few months back, I decided to review a about Jennifer Hudson on my vlog channel. The book helped me have a better understanding of writing in first-person.  I have been writing in first-person a lot lately when writing scripts for visual novels.  Generally, one of the most helpful tips for writing is to read a variety of books.  I hardly read non Fantasy books so Jennifer Hudson’s book was a nice change for me.

For my BXB visual novel, the setting is on Mars.  Searching on various NASA websites, and message boards for space fanatics is not enough.  The Case for Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must book was a book I was reading for quite a while now.  Being able to read through a thick book on a seven hour flight, while not having access to the internet, was helpful.

Why All the Research?

I have been doing some worldbuilding for two stories that I am writing while finishing up the artwork for Captured.  One of the worldbuilding websites I am using is 30 Days of Worldbuilding and the other is Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions.   Worlduilding has helpped keep my mind together while I write the first drafts for these stories   I am not a person who can wing a story on the first try and I need to do a few outlines before starting the rough drafts.  If anyone wants to write something not centered in the real world, then giving both sites is worth a look.




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