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GXB Ren’py Visual Novel Captured is Done

DOWNLOAD LINKS DOWN BELOW: PC      MAC       Linux ——————————————————————————————- Summary: Captured is a Girl X Boy visual novel where a mermaid named Amanti is at that age where she should learn magic. However, her adoptive mother, Unette, refuses to teach her. Amanti decides to find a place to think but winds up captured and […]

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Progress So Far….

Well if you were following my tumblr account you would be able to see my progress on my first background image for Trapped.   Last year, the line art was done for the backgrounds but I decided to redraw and ink all the backgrounds.  Here is the first background so far:      Some Steps: (the final […]

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The First Post

I decided to let people see this website and not wait until I was finally done making the whole site.  What is more important than the design of the website is the content and functionality of the website.   So far I have everything that I could want or do with this website so far.  The […]

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