Tired of Deviantart and I Post on Tumblr More Often

Tired of Posting on Deviantart 

I feel like Deviant art is a place for finished work.  I do appreciate the groups that allow for specific artwork (such as the many English visual novels or art critique groups).  Without those groups, I feel that my artwork will just get a favorite and nothing else.  For those that do like following my artwork, please look at my Tumblr page.


On my Tumblr page, I can post videos, mini blogs, artwork, and updates of my artwork.  I know Deviantart has the option for me to post revisions of my work, but I love posting daily updates of my work on Tumblr.  If I did the same thing on my Deviantart page, then that would come off as spamming.

I guess I will be using Deviantart just to talk to fellow artists as I do not know many non artists who visit Deviantart in the first place.  For those that love my Tumblr page, please look at my YouTube page.  I have videos showing my speed painting.


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I'm a writer, drawer, and programer starting with Ren'py and Flash games. I focus on making story focused game rich with romance, world building, and three dimensional characters. Dark Siren Games is my website. darksirengames@gmail.com is my email address.
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