Working on the Next Scene


Progress so Far

Sprites done

One more background image to go

Need to draw 6 Special Scenes

Need to proofread and or rewrite story and choices.

I still have to think of another tittle for this visual novel.

BXB Science Fantasy Visual Novel Progress so Far 

Writing the script is really fun since location of the story is on Mars.  I sometimes stop and writing and research the red planet.  I have three offline friends who agreed to be the beta readers/testers for the game.  At first, I was not sure how to go about making this visual novel, but writing the story makes my ideas a lot more clearer.

Unfortunately, I had a gameplay element planned for the visual novel.  As I wrote the script, that gameplay element did not make a lot of sense So…I’m looking into other gameplay options that will fit the story.


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I'm a writer, drawer, and programer starting with Ren'py and Flash games. I focus on making story focused game rich with romance, world building, and three dimensional characters. Dark Siren Games is my website. is my email address.
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